Dinoman in Space

Friday, June 283:00—3:45 PMWinthrop Elementary School, 65 Central StreetCommunity Locations(various), Ipswich, MA, 01398

Join the Ipswich Public Library at the Winthrop School, 65 Central Street, Ipswich, MA on Friday, June 28 at 3 p.m.  for a kickoff for the Summer Reading Program.

Did you enjoy Dinoman’s dinosaur program?  Wait until you see this!

“Through the solar system and beyond!”… is exactly where Dinoman takes his audience in this fast paced exploration of the heavens. The eight classical planets are visited and investigated—as well as Pluto, gravity, and the incredible cold of space. Dinoman Space uses dinosaurs, meteors, comets, liquid air, and a goldfish to give students a truly unique view of the heavens.

This show starts with a birthday for Dinoman’s goldfish. He just happens to turn 23 years old on the day of the performance; and, of course, he wants a dinosaur extinction theme party! Who wouldn’t? From here it’s onward and upward through the solar system and beyond.

No Registration Required